Attention Concerned Prepper: How Would You Like To Secure Your Family's Meat Supply Well Before The "Locust Hordes" Decimate The Land Of All Its Resources?

"For The First Time Ever -- A 55 Year-Old Lifelong 'Survival Hunter' Reveals The Secrets Of Easily Bagging, Butchering, and Bringing Home More Game Than You Could Possibly Fit In Your Freezer Or Pantry."

Read On To Discover The Only Complete End-To-End Survival Hunting Course Designed Specifically For Preppers Like You, And Uncover How To Easily Secure An Abundance Of Game From The Field, Onto Your Plate, And Into Your Long-Term Storage...Well Before The Mindless Masses Exterminate All That's Left.

From: The Editor of TacticalIntelligence.Net

Monday, 4:55 PM
Somewhere in New England

When the hammer drops, and the grocery stores and restaurants go empty, hordes of people will start running to the wilds to find food.

But...There won't be nearly enough game to support all those desperate people for very long.

That's the harsh reality.

If you're hoping you're going to "live off the land" after the collapse happens, I hate to burst your bubble here but it's not gonna happen.

After all, I'm not the only one thinks this way...

A Great Depression Era Hunter Speaks Out...

Layne Van Orman was a young boy at the time of the Great Depression who -- out of necessity --  had to support his family with the meat he hunted.

Having lived through that, he has a very unique perspective of hunting in times of need.

Here's what he had to say...

In the June 2011 edition of Petersen's Hunting magazine, Layne reasoned that if we were to have an economic collapse rivaling the Great Depression he lived through, it would be the combination of today's high population with the advanced equipment available (night vision, semi-autos, ATVs etc), that would lead to a complete wipe out of the viable game populations in 12 months.

That's right folks...12 months.

"Then why should I bother learning how to hunt?" you might be asking.

Well, the fact is...

There WILL BE A Small Window Of Opportunity To Put Away Enough Game For Yourself And Your Family...IF...

...If, you already know how to successfully hunt AND preserve that meat for the long term.

And not just through learning "average" hunting strategies, but by "upping your game" (quite literally) through the tactics involved in Survival Hunting.

You see, current hunting strategies rely on "fair chase" laws and principles.

These are set by wildlife management agencies so that modern hunters don't have an unfair advantage over game species.

But, do you really think these laws will be honored in a post-collapse situation?

Yeah, I don't either.

The Extinction of All Game is Coming

See, the thing is, those who are able to survive the initial chaos, will eventually figure out how to best hunt wild game.

But again, that is still going to take some time, EVEN WITH all the best technology and equipment.

And when that happens (yes, I'm beating a dead horse here) there's not going to be much of anything left out in the wilds for the rest of us.

When you learn the "secret" strategies for getting game BEFORE rule of law disappears, you'll get way out ahead of the hordes, giving you enough time to harvest and preserve an abundance of meat for you and your family -- giving you a life-saving advantage when that time comes.

When Your Food Storage Falls Short

What about food storage?

Well, of course food storage is crucial. That's our ultimate insurance policy as preppers.

Keep in mind though, food storage (as is the case with any supply) can run out...

It can go bad...

Looters can take it away from you...

You may even have to leave it behind -- so what then?

Skill Surpasses Supply

That's when you can no longer depend on just supplies.

It's skill that will make all the difference...

Skill, after all, will always surpass supplies.

And knowing how to hunt -- not just for trophies -- but for survival, will be a HUGE game changer for you and your family when times get tough.

A Chance Meeting of a Modern Survival Hunter...

When I first met Danny, we had been chatting about the outdoors when the topic of hunting came up.

Now hunting has been something I've always wanted to learn but never had the opportunity.

Not being a hunter myself I had asked him, "Hey, what's the biggest buck you've ever taken?".

His answer caught me off guard. He replied...

"I don't hunt for trophies, I hunt for meat."

He then went on to explain that for the last 3 decades, a majority of his family's meat supply (some years exclusively) has come from game that he obtains from the local woods and forests in the rural suburban area that we live in.

It was in that moment that I knew, if there was ANYONE I wanted to learn how to hunt was him.

You know, who best to learn from then from someone who literally lives off the food he obtains from the wilds!

And so for the next 8 months, Danny basically took me under his wing and showed me how to hunt everything from squirrel to deer and everything in between.

And the best part is, he let me film him through this whole process!

I learned the simple strategies of where to find the animals, how best to hunt them, how to field dress and butcher them and prepare them for the table, as well as how to preserve them for the long term.

And now I want you to gain these skills and learn what I learned -- not from me -- but directly from Danny.

And believe me, if I can learn this, so can you...

The Survival Hunting Program Is The Only End-To-End Hunting Course That Is Designed Specifically For The Needs Of Preppers

The goal of the Survival Hunting program is to take you from never having hunted a day in your life to being able to successfully find, hunt, field dress, butcher, cook, and preserve various game.

Danny will demonstrate -- in detail -- everything ranging from the smallest squirrel to various game birds all the way up to larger game like deer so when that time comes and your family is counting on you, you'll be able to provide for them.

Danny will also reveal the "rarely talked about" survival-hunting strategies for each of these various game animals for use when rule of law goes out the window and bringing food home is of absolute importance.

If you were to do this on your own, it would take literally decades to learn.

And don't even think about trying to "figure it out" when the SHTF. You'll just be joining the masses of sheeple who should have learned this years before.

When you order the Survival Hunting program today, you'll be tapping into Danny's 40+ years of hunting wisdom that has year after year been putting meat on his family's table.

Keep in mind, much of this has taken him decades to figure out and by having direct access to his knowledge, you'll benefit immediately, and at the same time cut decades off of your own learning.

And best of all, you'll be able to immediately apply these strategies when things turn for the worst -- giving you the edge you need to put away an abundance of meat for your family.

And way before the "locusts" figure it out and leave everything desolate.

And let me tell you...

These strategies are so powerful it'll be more like grocery shopping than hunting.

Now, none of this knowledge is easy to come by.

Imagine the confidence you'll have knowing that at any time, you can tap into a set of skills that will provide life-saving food to yourself and your family when the restaurants and grocery stores go empty.

And even if your food storage disappears or your forced to leave it behind, you'll still be able to access those same skills.

On top of that, how good will you feel when your family looks to you as their hero? That when all is said and done, they didn't have to sell their souls to get handouts at a FEMA camp or worse...not have made it at all.

That's the real benefit these Survival Hunting skills can give you.

Let's Go Over What You'll Get In The Survival Hunting Program

After purchasing the Survival Hunting program, you'll be set up with a username and password giving you instant access to over 6 hours of hard-hitting hunting information that shows you step-by-step everything you need to get out in the wilds and harvest and preserve your first game.

Here's a breakdown of each of the modules:


In this module you’ll learn how hunting applies to the survivalist, as well as the important mindset considerations and prerequisites that you need before heading out in the wilds to hunt.

  • Discover how hunting provides so much more than just meat. You'll learn how the core skills taught in this program apply to so many other aspects of survival living to keep your family safe and secure when things go south.
  • You're not human if taking a life doesn't affect you. After watching this you'll be prepared with the proper mindset so that you can understand and deal with that eventuality.
  • This video describes what core requirements are necessary prior to hunting so that you won't be caught flat footed in a dangerous situation.


Having the right gear can make all the difference in not only a comfortable and enjoyable time while out in the wilds, but it can make the difference between success and failure when hunting. This module provides an in-depth look into the gear and tools of a hunter.

  • Clothing: Whether you’re stalk or stand hunting, clothing will be your primary shelter. Learn the types of clothing and key strategies you must have to be safe and comfortable while out and about.
  • Knives: A knife is such an integral hunting tool that cannot be overlooked. In this series of videos you'll learn about proper knife selection, various recommended butchering tools, blade maintenance and more.
  • Weapons: In this series of videos you’ll be exposed to the wide variety of weapons to choose from, their advantages, disadvantages and more. Everything from antique muzzle loaders, to modern firearms, the best all-around weapon to choose from, to recommended silent options are covered in detail.


Module 3 covers the tactics and techniques you will need to successfully bring game home.

  • Shooting Fundamentals: Learn the key rules of safe gun handling, the key shooting basics, various shooting positions as well as shotgun vs rifle strategies.
  • Developing Your Hunting Senses: Hunting relies on much more than just seeing game. Learn to tune all your senses to improve your hunting success.
  • Moving in Nature: learn the proper ways of walking and moving in nature.
  • Individual Animal Strategies: Learn the key strategies for a wide variety of animals ranging from squirrel, to small and large waterfowl, upland birds and larger game like deer.


You’ve got your quarry. Now what? This module covers everything you need to know in order to gut, skin, dress, butcher and store your game — everything from small to large animals are covered.

  • You'll learn a variety of techniques from breasting and plucking birds for the roast, small game processing, to full on butchering of deer so you don't waste a single ounce of potentially life-saving nourishment.
  • Finally, you'll learn both on-the-grid and off-the-grid methods of preserving your game for up to 5 or more years! This knowledge is the ultimate insurance policy against the "locust swarms" heading out to the wilds and eliminating the game.

Module 5: COOKING

In this final module you'll learn some easy-to-follow but delicous recipes that are a great introduction to beginning game eaters.

  • Learn why certain meats taste "gamey" and what you can do about it...
  • No expert cooking skills are required for these recipes...
  • Danny shows you a samplying of simple-to-make but delicous recipes that even the most finicky will like.
  • Finally, after eating game meat, you'll wonder how you ever stomached the processed, unhealthy meats we've become accustomed to.

So How Much Is All Of This Going To Cost?

Coming up with an accurate value for this course that is fair to both you as well as to Danny was difficult.

Because of his success here in the area we live, Danny is able to charge $250 for one 8 hour day of him taking you out and showing you basic hunting strategies and tactics (usually only covering ONE animal).

And much of that 8 hours is driving and walking to various locations.

In the Survival Hunting program, you get almost 7 hours of packed-to-the-gills information straight from Danny where he basically does a complete brain dump of his over 40 years of hunting experience...

The best recommendations, strategies, tactics, and instruction on everything you need to know to find game, bring it home, prepare it for dinner, store it away for the long term, and much, much more.

In addition, you also get his strategies on how to hunt various wild game when rule of law goes out the window (this is obviously something NOT included in his live offering).

The information you'll learn when you purchase the Survival Hunting course today goes way above and beyond what you'd get if you were to go on one of his day outings. Plus, the $250 Danny charges here at home tends to only attract those who are well to do.

Since it's my desire to offer these skills to as many as possible but still be fair to Danny, I've convinced him to let me sell this for less than half his price, at a flat $97.

It'll Cost You More NOT To Get This Course...

With the average cost of organic, free-range meat costing at minimum $6/lb nowadays, you'll easily recoup the cost of this course in a single hunting season even if you're only part-way successful.

It's the equivalent of harvesting 32 squirrels, or...

16 ducks, or...

3 geese, or...

1.5 turkeys, or...

1/5th of a deer.

To put some perspective on this, just this past goose season, Danny was averaging 5-7 geese PER DAY. That's about 30 lbs of healthy, free-range, truly organic-in-every-sense-of-the-word meat in a single day.

Not a bad price when you think about it in those terms, huh?

And on top of that, you're developing a set of skills that goes way beyond just bringing home meat.

Why Now Is The Time You Learn To Hunt

It's vital that you learn these skills now, while you still have that safety net we call society available to you.

But as I mentioned before, trying to figure it out on your own could take decades for you to uncover what Danny will show you in a few minutes through this training course.

Minutes you have. Decades you don't.

That's why you owe it to yourself and your family to invest in this course so that those skills will be available when you REALLY need them.

It really is a no brainer.

Don’t Decide Now…Take All The Time You Need & Try Survival Hunting For A Full 60 Days

There’s no risk with our triple guarantee…

And as it is with any of the TI products, if you’re not completely satisfied or if we fail to live up to our triple guarantee, contact me through the “Support” link below within 60 days of purchase for a prompt and courteous refund — no hassles, no questions asked.

So now’s the time to join the few who are taking responsibility for their own family’s survival by claiming your exclusive access to the ONLINE Survival Hunting program today.

Click the Order Button Below

Stay safe,

- Erich

P.S - Still wondering if this is the right thing for you?

I do recognize that this program is not for everyone.

If you fall under one of the following categories, it's probably best you pass on this offer:

  • This is NOT for trophy hunters. The tactics, techniques and skills you'll learn in this course are for ONE PURPOSE ONLY: To put meat on the table. Big rack, little rack, it doesn't matter. If it moves, it's food. Focusing only on the "trophy" goes against the purpose of this course.
  • This is NOT for those counting on the government to give them their "fair share" when the SHTF. When things get real bad, I'm hoping we can all be helpful and civil. But the reality is, at least in the beginning, it'll be every family for themselves. During that time, it's important that your family is taken care of first. That's your primary responsibility. After that, you can then give and share as you'd like to...on your terms. Plus, how much more valuable will you be for those around you if you can help provide for them in ways they can't.
  • This is NOT for those unwilling to learn these skills NOW. If you're hoping you can pack away this program for the time when things get bad, it may be too late by then. Sure, the things you'll learn (especially the strategies) are very powerful and it will definitely give you that "leg up" from the mindless masses when things do go south, but you'll be so much more effective if you apply these skills NOW before that time comes.

P.P.S - If you're still here, I'm assuming you don't fit into any of the categories above, and that's good.

So again, what do you have to lose?

You have a full 60 days to take a look at the entire online program and for any reason -- whether that it doesn't meet your expectations, or you don't feel it's the most complete end-to-end hunting program available, or even if you don't like Danny's New England accent -- contact me in the "Support" link below telling me you'd like a full refund and I'll get that to you immediately with no questions asked.